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We all recognise 0800 free phone numbers. Almost as easily recognisable, now, are 0845 numbers. Regardless of distance, the caller benefits from local rates. So your caller can, with an 0845 number, call you in London, from Glasgow, for the same price as a call to a next door neighbour.

BT and other telecom companies still charge for setting up of 0845 numbers. Customers still get call charges for 0845 calls, and/or are charged monthly for an 0845 number. 0845s.com offer it all to you for free. You never pay anything for our standard numbers (you may pay setup for some of our special numbers). So not only do you have nothing to pay, but you will not have to change your current number, you will be able to move your 0845 number if you move house, and you can offer your customers the opportunity to call you at a much reduced rate.

Application is easy. Choose the number from the number list. If you choose a standard 0845 number ( 95 % are standard and are free 0845 numbers ) then tick the number and fill in the details on the form (including the number you want the 0845 to route to), submit the form, and we will do the rest. We will e-mail you when they are setup.

If you would like to set up many numbers for many lines just submit the form as many times as required. If you require many numbers on the same line take a look at our 0845 marketing stats page for pricing.

List of the numbers are here


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